Sunday, January 06, 2008

Vista 2.0... For me anyways.

Well well well, would ya lookie here...

My old nemesis Vista has managed to once again weasel it's way back to life on my PC, and all it took was it being 4am, me being deprived of sleep for 36 hours and having run out of shows on my PVR. Did you know that you can't do an upgrade install of Vista Home Premium over XP Pro? I found that out when reinstalling as I was instructed to do 9 months ago by the fantastically useless "Tier 2" MS support guy. Did I mention that I haven't used Windows [anything] at home since.

After blowing the dust off of my old XP Home SP1a disc and blowing away another Windows install, I got XP Home up and running, only to find out that Vista REQUIRES XP SP2, with my PC's Ethernet adapter not working under XP without the drivers on the disc that I wasn't about to rummage about to pull it out just to upgrade to Vista. Luckily I've already downloaded the SP2 package from MS, and tossed it on a Flash drive after I tried to install Vista on XP Pro, and found that SP2 is required to upgrade.

That being done I began the upgrade which went relatively smoothly, and today I went out to buy 4GB of RAM for the ol'girl, and get that "windows experience score up, which it did bring it up to 4.3 from 3.0, though Vista only reports 3GB of RAM... Oh well, as long as it's working I guess.

Last time it took 3 months to crap out completely [thanks to WPA failing, and me not being able to use my legitimately purchased copy of Vista]. Here's hoping that doesn't happen again.

Oh Yeah, Happy [retail] birthday Vista. 

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