Saturday, March 14, 2015

So here this is...

As is obvious I don't really use this platform anymore as I have others that better suit the content that I have found a passion for. Today however it's more emotional and I figured that coming back here would fit for me.

Anyone who knows me well would likely say, I'm generally very laid back and don't let many things get to me emotionally, today has been an exception.

My Grandfather has been experiencing significant health issues since Thanksgiving (Canadian that is), and he took a turn for the worse last month when he was admitted to the ICU. At that time we were told that he likely wouldn't last more than a few days, but as is the way of our family he was too much of a fighter (or too stubborn) to let go that easily.

As the days turned to weeks I delighted at the encouraging updates from my Grandma who was spending much of her time by his side. I'm certain that we were all overjoyed when, even though it wasn't his returning home just yet, he was being transferred to a longer term care unit for care.

Unfortunately this was not to last.

Over the last weekend he was re-admitted to the ICU as the bleeding had returned, and they had no idea from where and things were not well. This was the last that I had heard from back East on the 8th.

This morning (March 13th) I received an email that caused my heart to sink like it has only a thankful rare few times in my life.

On Wednesday, after many tests, the doctors came back with an answer, and it was stage-4 bowel cancer, and that's where the bleeding was coming from. As this is in addition to existing issues including other cancers, this was simply devastating and was more than one could be expected to bear.

Grandma's email also relayed that on Wednesday all active support was removed, and he is now being kept comfortable and pain free under palliative care. He has wanted to call us all over the last few days to say goodbye himself, but didn't have the strength.

Exhausted from the fighting he's had to do, and with his devoted loving wife by his side, it's now a time that he no longer needs to be the great man that he has been for us all, but simply be a man for himself and Grandma.

Even though It would take a miracle right now, I just wish that I could wrap my arms around him one more time and let him know just how much he's meant to me my whole life and how much I do and will always love him.

No words can ever express how much I will miss the man that I've looked up to for so long, and the times when I was privileged enough to sit with him and chat about life, which I will forever regret having not been able to do more, having let life and distance get in the way.

The next email update that I'll receive will be the final update regarding his condition, which for the first time has me wanting to turn everything off and simply deny reality. As long as I don't hear anything, then everything will forever be alright, and he'll be waiting with a couple glasses of scotch, his beaming smile and another story to share.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Don't just drop by.

Some people are so passive aggressive that they use the drop-by as a weapon against others... Usually family. My stepfather's mom was told specifically to meet us at the school for my baby sister's graduation ceremony, but decided to show up at the house instead, and an hour early and she does it just to criticize and poke around for more things to criticize about.

Monday, September 22, 2008

"Dave's not heeeeeere maaan."

OK, so I'm not "Dave", but I'm not exactly all here...

Now that my web hosting company has just totally screwed the pooch by killing my database every month or so... It's time to return to blogger... or typepad... or wordpress... or ... --- ...

We'll see how this goes.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Vista 2.0... For me anyways.

Well well well, would ya lookie here...

My old nemesis Vista has managed to once again weasel it's way back to life on my PC, and all it took was it being 4am, me being deprived of sleep for 36 hours and having run out of shows on my PVR. Did you know that you can't do an upgrade install of Vista Home Premium over XP Pro? I found that out when reinstalling as I was instructed to do 9 months ago by the fantastically useless "Tier 2" MS support guy. Did I mention that I haven't used Windows [anything] at home since.

After blowing the dust off of my old XP Home SP1a disc and blowing away another Windows install, I got XP Home up and running, only to find out that Vista REQUIRES XP SP2, with my PC's Ethernet adapter not working under XP without the drivers on the disc that I wasn't about to rummage about to pull it out just to upgrade to Vista. Luckily I've already downloaded the SP2 package from MS, and tossed it on a Flash drive after I tried to install Vista on XP Pro, and found that SP2 is required to upgrade.

That being done I began the upgrade which went relatively smoothly, and today I went out to buy 4GB of RAM for the ol'girl, and get that "windows experience score up, which it did bring it up to 4.3 from 3.0, though Vista only reports 3GB of RAM... Oh well, as long as it's working I guess.

Last time it took 3 months to crap out completely [thanks to WPA failing, and me not being able to use my legitimately purchased copy of Vista]. Here's hoping that doesn't happen again.

Oh Yeah, Happy [retail] birthday Vista. 

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Flock 1.0.1, 1.0.3, and 1.0.4...

My Flock has just been updated to 1.0.1, and is currently updating to 1.0.3, and soon to be 1.0.4. I love getting new updates/upgrades. But why no roll-up updates, is beyond me?

P.S. I'm talking to you too Blizzard... Updating an old install of WoW took over an hour... Sheesh!

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

iPod touch...

I've had my iPod touch for 2 weeks now and am pretty much loving it, and I even love the keyboard... Which blows my mind. It's even better than my blackberry, but that's not really saying much, since I really hate my blackberry. I mean what kind of self respecting email device doesn't have a dedicated "." key??? Since I'm "technically" still at work I should get back to pretending to both work and not checking out my female coworkers.

P.S. I did write out a whole review on my iPod touch using my iPod touch over on, but Word Press doesn't like to save from mobile safari. So I have to write it all over again. Though I just wrote this with my "iTouch".

Blogger's not letting me down. :-)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Taskbar Shuffle

I know that I'm tight up there in the running for the biggest OS geek in the world, when I got so excited by a simple free little program that does something that I've been complaining about wanting for years.

Taskbar Shuffle made me giddy like a kid at Christmas when I heard about it, and I was grinning like an idiot when I installed it and it worked. You should have seen the look my co-worker gave me when I told him about it.

It's a simple concept, and one that I wish was in windows from Win95. Taskbar Shuffle allows you to do just that, shuffle the taskbar buttons around. If you are like me and like to have your apps open in a certain order [especially at work], to keep your work flow smooth, than his is a god-send.

All you do is grab the app's button that you want to move, and drag it to where you want it to sit. Just that simple. You can have it open with windows, show/hide the splash screen, and show/hide the system tray icon. It also allows you to change the grouping rules for the taskbar, so you can change Windows' grouping to have them be more or less likely to group under one button.

You can get this freeware app @
Please donate if you feel that this is useful to you too.