Thursday, December 27, 2007

Flock 1.0.1, 1.0.3, and 1.0.4...

My Flock has just been updated to 1.0.1, and is currently updating to 1.0.3, and soon to be 1.0.4. I love getting new updates/upgrades. But why no roll-up updates, is beyond me?

P.S. I'm talking to you too Blizzard... Updating an old install of WoW took over an hour... Sheesh!

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

iPod touch...

I've had my iPod touch for 2 weeks now and am pretty much loving it, and I even love the keyboard... Which blows my mind. It's even better than my blackberry, but that's not really saying much, since I really hate my blackberry. I mean what kind of self respecting email device doesn't have a dedicated "." key??? Since I'm "technically" still at work I should get back to pretending to both work and not checking out my female coworkers.

P.S. I did write out a whole review on my iPod touch using my iPod touch over on, but Word Press doesn't like to save from mobile safari. So I have to write it all over again. Though I just wrote this with my "iTouch".

Blogger's not letting me down. :-)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Taskbar Shuffle

I know that I'm tight up there in the running for the biggest OS geek in the world, when I got so excited by a simple free little program that does something that I've been complaining about wanting for years.

Taskbar Shuffle made me giddy like a kid at Christmas when I heard about it, and I was grinning like an idiot when I installed it and it worked. You should have seen the look my co-worker gave me when I told him about it.

It's a simple concept, and one that I wish was in windows from Win95. Taskbar Shuffle allows you to do just that, shuffle the taskbar buttons around. If you are like me and like to have your apps open in a certain order [especially at work], to keep your work flow smooth, than his is a god-send.

All you do is grab the app's button that you want to move, and drag it to where you want it to sit. Just that simple. You can have it open with windows, show/hide the splash screen, and show/hide the system tray icon. It also allows you to change the grouping rules for the taskbar, so you can change Windows' grouping to have them be more or less likely to group under one button.

You can get this freeware app @
Please donate if you feel that this is useful to you too.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spring has sprung on the 360

The spring dashboard update for the Xbox360 has come out, and it looks pretty good. I'm not going to go into too much detail because there are some VERY comprehensive outlines out there in the tubes. But, subjectively the update has sped up the interface, and the new blade for the marketplace is nice, but the thing that I have enjoyed the most is the Live Messenger integration into the current messaging service on XBL.

The other big thing is that by highlighting the disc tray [which now shows the name of the disc in the tray], you get a quick overview of your in-game progress, including your recent achievements, and your current score over the total gamer score available.

In the game we finally have the detail of the achievement that you just achieved, that you used to have to stop the game to view. The last thing that I loved was that the new video codec support; h.264 is great for us mac users.

Well I'm going to head off to buy more storage for my network... 4TB just isn't enough anymore.

Until then,


Thursday, March 29, 2007


FYI... Textamerica blows monkey chunks... Thanks for the heads-up.

Democracy Player

I posted this to Digg earlier regarding the Democracy Player's developers' plea for donations to keep development going... but felt like posting it here too:

"I've never had any major technical problems with the player... I guess I'm just lucky there. But it's the variety of channels, or rather the lack there of, and the fact that the feeds that they have in there are not nearly as up to date as the actual feed itself, are things that are keeping me from keeping Democracy installed... Again maybe it's just me.

As it has been said here earlier, when it's worth paying for, I'll donate[/pay for it]. Maybe I'm the only one, but I find it hard to justify paying for "beta" software, beta has become an excuse to put out buggy, unfinished software, that most never intend on cleaning up, let alone finishing development on. I applaud the developers of the Democracy player for committing to it's development, but unless it's going to have a firm timetable for a final release, it's kind of hard to throw money their way. Any software that I've written never sees the light of day until it's ready. Beta's are fun to try, and who doesn't like the bragging rights of being the first of their group to discover something, but come on release a beta when it's close to being ready for prime time...

Alpha is the new Beta.''

I have been a big proponent of the Democracy guys, and of open source software in general, but... when developing a piece of software, I've always felt that testing should be done in-house, or at least "close to home", with a limited number of users making sure that the wider audience isn't turned off by the bugs still in the system. That way when it's unleashed upon the world, you have a great product on your hands, rather than just a great idea.

Far too often these days people want to get paid for their product before it's done, rather than as it has been in the past; where you get paid for all of the hard work that you have done getting the product ready for market. I know that I don't pay for my car to be built while still in the R&D stages, I pay for the one that I want after it's built, picking the best one for my needs, not the one that might potentially be good when they finally figure out what it will look like in the end.

It's not the fault of these guys, after all they are developing it out of the goodness of their own hearts in an effort to fill a percieved gap in the market... or at least it was until they started asking for money... It's really too bad too, now people will be expecting those release dates, and for solid feature additions/fixes. I hope it all works out, since we need more choice, not less.