Thursday, March 31, 2005

What has society come to

I've been reading/watching the news lately, and I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little tired of the exploitation of Terri Schiavo by both sides that are only trying to further their own agendas, at her expense.

I'm all for religion, and I am quite set in my beliefs, but after reading some of the comments, and threads on some of the so called "faith-based" sites out there, I have to question my affiliation with organized religion. I mean people calling others Nazi's because the question something that the pope said a year ago in a speech prepared for him, by a guy (a certain monsignor) who is now saying see, the Pope said it. I mean it's good to have a go-to guy when it comes to setting a direction for the faith and all, but when every word from his/her mouth instantly becomes gospel, and can never be questioned, there's a problem. I thought that was only reserved for God.

Christ himself sought council from those around him, and allowed them to question his words, but the Pope cannot be questioned in the same way. At least Christ would explain to the people what he meant, and why he came to a conclusion.

The people who are pontificating about why Terri should live, or die are most certainly not trying to help anyone but themselves. The Schindlers are getting money from just about every right-wing, pro-life group that has a fund to throw around. Not to mention the big right wing evangelist pro-lifer sitting in the oval office trying to step outside the bounds of his branch of government, and the same goes for the rest of the self-righteous members of the legislative, and administrative branches, spending countless dollars, and hours trying to help many political careers; I mean a woman in a hospice. There are reasons why these are seperated, not the least of which, is to keep emotion out of law.

I've spent many hours myself, trying to figure out why there are so many people who are giving millions of combined dollars trying to "save" this woman whom they don't even know, but are completely unwilling to give a few dollars to save people that they probably already know that are starving already, even if they don't know that it's the kid walking to school in front of their house is the one starving. These people are riding on the dying coat-tails of an unfortunate woman. The way that these special-interest groups are talking it seems that they would rather she keep on going in the state that she is in indefinitely, just so they can keep basking in the glow of the public eye, not to mention the glow of the studio lights.

A big thing that I have had a problem with is that people are making out the husband to be this great monster for making this decision now, when it has in fact been in the courts for a very long time now. And when they accuse him of abusing her, and thereby putting her in there, they should also ask themselves why he didn't just say that she was too far gone. I don't want to seem too much like I'm taking this guy's side. But, when I read tonight an article quoting that her "last" CT scan from 1996 showed enough cortex left to be possibly; with radical treatments that are on the cusp of discovery, become conscious. When later it was admitted they had only seen images of 1 slice of the scan, and had never actually examined Terri. Also left out was the fact that the last scan was in 2002, and the doctor that was mandated by the state of Florida to evaluate her condition spent 30 days, trying to find something that would show her as able to recover, which he could not, much to his great dismay.

I think, in my humble opinion that Terri Schiavo should be allowed to pass as her guardian has requested. His reasoning that he has provided time after time has not changed, and none of the formal inquiries into his motivations have proven sinister. This man did not move on the moment his wife was struck down by this condition, he persisted in an admittedly selfish manner in keeping her alive, and was at one point told a restraining order may be filed against him, just to allow the people taking care of her to do their job. And when he finally requested that the cessation of the assistance of which was keeping her in a permanent vegetative state, her family tried to stop it.

Though at this point it really sounds like I can't, but I can sympathize with Terri's family, and would want to keep my family around for as long as possible, and I may eventually grow numb, and maybe even grow to accept the site of my loved one in that condition; But, I would only be doing it for my own sake not theirs. The condition as it has been presented by professionals who have actually examined Terri to carry out a dispassionate evaluation of her, all agree that she will never be able to have any kind of relationship with another man, woman, child, or animal, other than that of one being observed, or patient to be cared for.

Do I think the reason is right? Yes, If Terri is in the most minimal way cognizant, let alone conscious, than she is in a prison of her own body. The only doctors that state that she may be able to become minimally conscious, have never actually examined Terri. I DO NOT want to see her die. I would love nothing more than this to end with Terri getting up, and walking home, healthy and safe. But, that is just not going to happen.

Do I think the method is right? No, I think that it is a horrible way to die. Starvation and dehydration. It's appalling. But, if doctors are allowed to intervene and end her life in a peaceful way using drugs, or other chemicals, a dangerous precedent would be set. Allowing doctor assisted suicide, not to mention the rampant victory celebrations from the right-to-die leftists, (who are just as guilty of using this poor woman as the pro-life).

Whether you agree with me, or think me a monster for thinking this way, is up to you. I have to say in what happens in this situation, I'm in the same position as you. In any way this will end, but not without more exploitation by all.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Houston... The mini has landed.

After much time waiting for this occasion it has finally arrived.

- The Mini that people are truly excited about... (not the car)

I got this thing @ about 11AM today, and even though I should have been asleep until about 2, I decided that I could once again forego rest, in the name of my never-ending quest for technology. Plus it was just like Christmas as a kid. You know it's down there, but you're not allowed to look.

Once I got the box in my hands it was like one of those Russian dolls, layer upon layer... The size of the shipping box belies the true size of the mini. I knew the dimensions from the apple store but to unveil it, and hold it in my own hands truly was something. I compared it to my CD wallet and they were nearly the same size with the mini being a little wider, but a little thinner than the CD wallet.

I know I'm gushing about this little thing, but it's new, and I like the look of it. Plus, I'm using it right now to write this entry. This will by no means be my primary machine, but it will be a great supplement to my other computers, and will fit in much better with my home theater components.

The best thing about my new toy is that it is SILENT. No fan = No noise.

I haven't been completely seduced by this sexy little box. But I have yet to find better for the size, and sound. Now to find out if I can make more things work with it because that could change the tides of my allegiance, in this cold war of OS's.

Monday, March 28, 2005

They say it's the same, but it's not the same?

It's called Attack of the Show.

It is the replacement to one of my all time favorite shows on TV, The Screen Savers. This after a good long run, and many changes over the years, is now being put out to pasture. The name and the set are supposed to be the only things really to be changed, but I'll believe it when I see it.

I hope that the network keeps its word on this, and keeps the same format, and feel of the show. As many of the other people that have been posting on this same issue, I too saw TSS as not being the same show as it used to be. For me it was something that I have been much more accepting than most that I have read, but then again, the negative voice is always the loudest. And for that reason I'm good with the whole change thing, as it was a changed TSS.

I watch the show for what it had become, and not for the computer help segments that used to be a part of the old TSS. This may be since I'm one of the lucky canucks that still get Leo, and the gang on "Call for Help" which is pretty much what the old TSS was, cool for us. CFH is a show that I think would once again be welcomed south of the border on G4. They could put it on instead of Robot Wars. Robot Wars was cool years ago when it was still being made, let alone being first run (not seen over and over).

Oh well, I'll still be watching AotS, (which sounds like a dig at Lucas' title, so G4 will probably get sued for it).

And, my Mac Mini had better show up today. Or I'm going to be pissed @ Steve.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

They said that this was going to be easy.

Yet another Saturday night @ the office.

Normally I get paid to sit on my butt all night, counting the holes in the celing tiles... again. But tonight, I actually have to work.

As my little blurb in the header of my blog states, I'm a phone monkey. Which means that I answer the phone, in as pleasant a manner possible, and try to help them get their problem resolved. Despite the fact that I have extensive IT experience, and was hired for an IT position, I'm not allowed to help them with simple problems. (I'm not even able to ping a router. We're blocked internally). Just take the report, and thank them for calling.

Tonight, it's gets worse. There have been a huge jump in the number of calls, and everyone wants their service fixed "yesterday". Now I do understand that these clients pay the company I work for upwards of $300 Million/year. But when they report a trouble in the most remote part of a bloody mountain range at the end of the day on the Saturday, of the Easter long freakin weekend... 10...9...8... OK, all better now. These clients may have to wait a bit longer than usual, under the circumstances.

Most rational people understand this bit of simple logic. But then, there are our clients, from governments, to big business, they all believe that, imagine that, the rules don't apply to them. Tonight there are specifically 5 of them and collectively are calling in to me about every 6-10 minutes, almost enough time for me to actually get anything done for them. And, like me these are just people being paid just to be a pain in my ass, when there is nothing better for them to do on a saturday night. They don't have anything to do but bug me, I have to make things happen in every step, in every group along the way.

If there was one word that I could abolish from the lexicon of the english language; It would have to be "escalation", and it's root "escalate". Infact lets just get rid of the whole notion, all it means in my context is: I'm telling Mommy!!! And she's going to tell your Mommy, and you'll be in BIG trouble.

Trust me I would be a happier man indeed.

Oh well. At least I don't have to have certain "management" strutting around, (some with mug in hand, some without), trying to look busy, without actually doing anything.

This end of the week thing

I like to think that I don't just buy DVD's just for the sake of owning them but as I look at my many shelves of the m I realize that I have some that I still haven't watched them months after I bought them. Now many of them are because they are movies that I have seen before and got them just because I loved the movies the first time around. But still I need to make the time to watch them.

Oh well I'll have time when I'm working graves again.

On a sort of related note. I can't wait until Sin City comes to theaters. I loved the GN's and hope that the 2 or so hours that the movie will be, is going to be enough to be faithful to them.

Here's hopin'

Friday, March 25, 2005

Another day another dollar.

Once again there is nothing to do but to suck it up and go to work; Sick or not.
Luckily only 6 hours tonight, instead of eight.

Oh well, at least I have my PVR recording everything while I'm gone.